We do ask our guests to adhere to our township's restrictions for our venue which are as follows:

  • Strict Alcohol Policy: 1) We ask that no liquor be brought on premise 2) Bottled beer, wine and champagne are permitted but no kegs 3) Alcohol must be served behind a counter or table by a caterer with a liquor license or a certified bartender and 4) Alcohol must stop being served 2 hours before the end of any event without a “last call”. 

  • Noise Ordinance is 10 pm: we love our neighbors and want to respect them by having all loud outside noises and all noise through speakers off by 10 pm. 

  • Kitchen: We do have a small kitchen that features two ovens and a fridge for keeping food warm & cold. We ask that no cooking be done on premise as we aren't a commercial kitchen with a grease trap. Outdoor grilling and food trucks are permitted.